Your website should be at the hub of all of your marketing efforts and should be a key part of your business strategy. Whether you’re advertising in a magazine or mailing a postcard, consumers are turning to the internet in record numbers to get additional information about your products and services. There’s only so much information that you can put into a print ad or brochure. Eventually, you’ll run out of space on the page. Your website can help extend the reach of a campaign. Your website needs to provide a clear, consistent message to your visitor that’s easy on the eyes and simple to use.

We design sites for real people

Our common sense website designs concentrate on people. Who will be visiting your site? What will they do there? Real people will use your website, so understanding what they will be doing on your site will create a better online experience.

Keep it clean, simple and meaningful

The very best visual design is simple, yet compelling. Our designs feature a clean, easy-to-use interface and navigation, a clear message, and useful content. The last thing that your customers want to do is wade through flashing graphics to read some boilerplate marketing lingo or your lofty mission statement. People are fickle online if you don’t provide exactly what your customer needs; it is very easy for them to abandon your website for your competitor’s site.

Build it right the first time

Our websites look as good on the inside as the do on the outside. We take the additional time to build our sites and web applications according to W3C and other industry standards. Your site will work more efficiently and rank better with search engines right out of the box. Read more detailed information about how we build sites here.

Whether your business is building its first website or modifying an existing one, we have the experience and skill to create a web presence that is just right for you. From large e-commerce database-driven projects to simple informational websites, we have the tools to create the perfect solution for your business. We won’t bore you with a lot of technical jargon, but we may occasionally jabber about details that will help enhance your site. Our goal is to work within your budget to create a consistent, compelling look for your company, while delivering a powerful web experience to your visitors.