Update Your Site 24/7

If you’ve ever used a word processing software such as Word®, you have what it takes to update your own web site. With our powerful Content Management System, it’s as easy as clicking a mouse to add and edit content such as images, text, contact info, contact forms, news, logos, and much more. This is an important feature for our clients who want to update content on their website at any given time. This is a great cost-saving option for many of our clients who make frequent changes to site content.

Below are a few screen shots of our browser-based administration panel for adding/editing website content. It’s designed to be easy to use.

Administration Panel Features

Simple to Use Dashboard

It’s easy to access all of the content within your website, and no matter what page you are on, you can easily access any article with one click through the fly-out menu.

If enebled, you can also edit pages right from the page you are viewing, without being in the administration panel. When you are logged in an “Edit” link will be available on the page. Just click it, and you will be directed to the pages edit screen.

An advanced layout editor is available to quickly add columns and full width areas that make your website shine, while maintaining a structure that is compatible with all viewing devices.

Easy Menu Control

It’s easy to access and edit the menu associated with your website. Just click “New” and give the menu item a title. Choose a spot for the new item and you’re done! If you request more than one area for a menu, let’s say you need a menu in the footer area, you will have the ability to create and place a menu in the footer with just a click of the mouse.

With drag ‘n’ drop functionality, the menu can easily have drop down items just by dragging the menu item to the right and indenting it under the menu item you want the drop down to be under.

Add Content With Ease

Adding and editing content is as easy as just choosing “New” for a new Page, or clicking a Content Page’s title in the “All Pages” menu and editing it. Our advanced layout editor makes it easy to create page layouts using the latest technologies to place these columns wherever you need them. This content is in a 2/3 column, and the image to the left is in a 1/3 column. In the layout editor you can drag ‘n’ drop the columns to the right or left.

Your Site Grows as You Grow

Quickly add modules as your website grows. We have access to hundreds of custom modules for you to choose from. Or you can choose from thousands of plugins available directly from the repository. With a simple “Install Now” button, plugins are installed with just a click of the mouse. Custom plugins can be created and installed manually for custom functionality.